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    التصنيف Activities and events فى 13 - November - 2015

    Journey to Castle of Salah Alden, Pharaoh’s Island and the Fayyord Bay and Lake Sun

    move from the Camp begins at 9 am and then reach to Fayyord Bay and enjoy the charming scenery that inspired many filmmakers to shoot movies in Fayyord Bay like a movie Girl from Israel and the film Basha Telmaz and film Maslha and the film the way to Eilat and more and then go to the Pharaoh’s Island in with a yacht and get off the Pharaoh’s Island and access to Citadel of Salah Alden AlAyyuby  and watch the sea view of enchanting and watch several cities such as Aqaba (Jordan), Tabuk (Saudi Arabia) or Rishrash Egyptian (now Eilat) and the city of Taba and watch the tank of water and granaries and camp leaders and trainers and more and enjoy a Swimming pool origin plugged into the sea water and then return to the yacht and ride the car and go to the lake and you are having fun time under the sun rumor, then drive back to Camp.

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