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    التصنيف Activities and events فى 13 - November - 2015


    Move from Camp by SUV nine to 10 individuals for distance 12 kilometers and assembly of take pictures and move to the valley walked on foot about an hour between the valley of Malahah between the natural colors and natural rocks and collect rain water between the rocks of granite and access to Aloouachi where large pool of water at a depth of 12 meters almost on an area of ​​almost 500 square meters and have a good time and come back again the same way, even access to a car and come back to the Camp.

    For booking and more information you can contact us at one of the following numbers

    WhatsApp: 002-01110433372

    Viber: 002-01110433372

    Telephone: 002-01001113303

    Some pictures from the trip Aloouachi

    DSC_2349 DSC_2350 DSC_2360 DSC_2380 DSC_2407 DSC_2468

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