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    Diving and snorkeling


    Diving starts from the beach of Camp and period of diving from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

    And you can watch the charming fish and coral reefs and have a good time under pure water of Red Sea

    Diving courses

    Open Water




    Dive Master


    All courses accredited by PADI Worldwide.

    All courses give trainee


    Water sports


    You can enjoy the beach of Camp by snorkeling and all tools are available inside Camp.

    Water sports

    Banana Boat


    Glass Boat


    For booking and inquiry

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    Journey to Castle of Salah Alden, Pharaoh’s Island and the Fayyord Bay and Lake Sun


    Journey to Castle of Salah Alden, Pharaoh's Island and the Fayyord Bay and Lake Sun

    move from the Camp begins at 9 am and then reach to Fayyord Bay and enjoy the charming scenery that inspired many filmmakers to shoot movies in Fayyord Bay like a movie Girl from Israel and the film Basha Telmaz and film Maslha and the film the way to Eilat and more


    Journey to Mount Mouse and St. Catherine



    move from the Camp begins at 11 pm by car and head to the Monastery of St. Catherine and the reach time is 1 pm and start at the rising of the mountain in with a Bedouin guide approved by the Tourist Police night and walk and there are Camel who wish that and the duration Dawning to the top of the mountain almost 4 hours,


    Journey by Camel and Wadi Malhah for full day



    Move from the Camp begins at 9 am after breakfast at the Camp by Camels. Camel per personal and head to the Valley of Malhah and walk distance almost 3 hours by camel and then reset once or almost twice take Bedouin tea natural herbal then reach to the oasis of the valley of Malhah at an altitude of 740 meters above sea level where the


    (Deutsch) Rimbaud Canyon Reise


    Sorry, this entry is only available in German, Arabic and rus.


    Journey to Colure Wadi


      Journey Colure Wadi or chlorine Canyon trip using car quadrant nine to 10 individuals and move from the Camp at 4:30 am to the Valley Terre and a distance is 30 kilometers to enter the car to the Colure Wadi for almost Distance hour, assembly and start to walk between the colored valley that it is considered of the most beautiful valleys of the world and the most famous and


    Journey to Valley Aloouachi



    Move from Camp by SUV nine to 10 individuals for distance 12 kilometers and assembly of take pictures and move to the valley walked on foot about an hour between the valley of Malahah between the natural colors and natural rocks and collect rain water between the rocks of granite and access to Aloouachi where large pool of water at a depth of 12 meters almost


    Meditation Village